Capital Intelligence Ratings (CI) is a privately owned, independent, international credit rating agency that has been providing credit risk analysis and independent rating opinions since 1982. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, forward-looking credit ratings and research with integrity, transparency, and consistency. We help our clients make informed credit decisions and our aim is to be the rating agency of choice for both issuers and investors in the markets we cover.
CI is best known historically for its expertise on banks in emerging markets, particularly in the Middle East, and we are the largest bank rating agency in the Middle East & North Africa region. Our initial focus has evolved over the past 20 years and we have developed analytical capabilities in new areas and extended our geographical coverage across continents, including to a growing number of more developed economies in Europe and Asia.
Today, we maintain ratings and research on over 300 banks, corporates and sovereigns, as well as bonds, sukuk and insurance companies, in more than 39 countries. Our clients are located all over the world and we have offices in Cyprus, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Contact: Katja Reise,

Reconnect Iran was founded by Aylar Macky and Joachim von Halasz in March 2016 after the lifting of the sanctions.
Reconnect Iran is a communication consultancy advising Iranian companies on digital marketing, global media relations, investor relations and smart business partnering. At the same time, we are advising foreign companies to position themselves in Iran.
Our team acts as a bridge between Iran and foreign governments, investors, entrepreneurs, corporates and media organisations entering, building relations and positioning themselves in Iran. We advise them on Iranian media relations and local digital marketing as well as strategic business partnering.

Contact: Joachim von Halasz (UK) & Aylar Macky (Iran),